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Our RootsOptimists began as a Scout band, evolved into Opti-Corps and, then, into Toronto Optimists. After merging with the Seneca Princemen in 1976, the corps became the Seneca Optimists. This section contains photos of the scout band, Danforth Crusaders and Opti-Corps.
3 34
Toronto OptimistsPhotos of the Toronto Optimists taken at performances (competitions, exhibitions, parades, etc.). For the most part, the photos are arranged by year (sometimes it's difficult to identify the year).
22 1,446
Seneca OptimistsPhotos of the Seneca Optimists taken at performances (competitions, exhibitions, parades, etc.). The photos are arranged by year (sometimes it's difficult to identify the year).
8 413
Optimists' Feeder CorpsPhotos of the various feeder corps run by the Optimists. This category includes the Optimist Bantams, the Optimists Cadets, the Optimist Lancers and the Optimist Cadet Lancers.
4 69
Other Corps (mostly Canadian)Photos of corps that we were part of the 50s, 60s or 70s Drum Corps scene
76 1,192
Those who have gonePhoto memories of former Toronto Optimists and Seneca Optimists members and staff who are deceased. There is a corresponding section under the History section of the main website (called "We Remember") that includes a photo and a few words about each person who has passed away.
25 160
MemorabiliaThis is a "catch-all" for things like old articles, Christmas cards, advertising, old Programs and anything that doesn't seem to fit elsewhere.
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Random files - Old Photos (Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists & Others)
Windsor Guardsmen (1977)163 views
Scarborough Firefighters (maybe 1965?)313 views
Optimist Cadets, Canada Day Parade (1970)192 views
Grantham (196?)222 views
Seneca Optimists (Denver, 1977)397 views
Chicago Cavaliers (Varsity Stadium, Toronto, 1970)190 views
Toronto Optimists tymps at Nationals (CNE, 1972)121 views
Commanders (about 1964)487 views

Last additions - Old Photos (Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists & Others)
Toronto Optimists (Shriners Parade, Toronto, 1970)17 viewsJun 20, 2017
Toronto Optimists Drums (Long and McQuade, 1970)14 viewsJun 20, 2017
Toronto Optimists (Leaside, 1961)12 viewsJun 20, 2017
Toronto Optimists (Nationals, 1961)14 viewsJun 20, 2017
Toronto Optimists warming up (Brantford, 1975)32 viewsJun 05, 2017
Toronto Optimists (Bloor St, Toronto, 1971)36 viewsJun 05, 2017
Toronto Optimists (Quebec City, 1962)33 viewsJun 05, 2017
Midtowners and St Joe's on retreat (Junior International, Varsity Stadium, 1962)22 viewsJun 05, 2017