Annual General Meeting

September 20, 2008

Today was our Annual General Meeting. Gord Brown was elected by acclaim as 'Secretary'. As part of this meeting elections were held for Corps President as well as the three 'Directors at Large' positions.

  • Rick Robida was elected as President while Brian Adam, Rick Shearer and Ron Chong were elected for the three 'Director at Large' positions.

    Our new Executive consists of:

    • Rick Robida, President
    • Bill Kane, Executive Vice President

    • Gord Brown, Secretary

    • Brian Byrne, Treasurer

    • Brian Adam, Director at Large

    • Rick Shearer, Director at Large

    • Ron Chong, Director at Large

  • Many thanks to the members of the previous Board for all of their work over the last year. Congratulations to Brian Adam, Gord Brown, Rick Robida, Rick Shearer and Ron Chong who were elected and many thanks to Mike Lang and John Giblin who, while unsuccessful, expressed their willingness to serve and their commitment to the corps.

  • In addition to the election, two other votes were taken. The first vote related to an 'Official' corps logo. The second vote was for a suggested change to the constitution to split the current position of Corps President / Corps Director into an elected President position and an appointed Corps Director position.

    • The Green, Black and White logo used on this web page was selected as the 'Official' Corps Logo.

    • The change to the constitution was rejected

  • Family challenges have forced Brian Hogan to resign as Drum Major. We send our best wishes to Brian and his wife, Sue.