Dress Rehearsal

May 2, 2007

Now that we have our uniforms, we need to take them out for a test run!

This Sunday, May 6, part of our rehearsal will be devoted to 'The Wearing of the Green'

This will allow us to ensure that all Members are wearing our uniform properly, will give you a chance to wear our uniform, thereby eliminating any unforeseen problems at our first performance of the season and affording us the opportunity to get properly prepared for 'And the Bands Played On'.

This will be treated like any other performance, so you are required to bring your complete uniform, including uniform shoes (Dinkles) and black socks. Before hand, make sure that your uniform is fitted properly – including sleeves and cuffs properly sized and lightly pressed, as per the instructions given by Henry and Phil when you were issued your uniform.

Hopefully, this will iron out any bugs in our performance and will take care of any unforeseen problems, which normally occur on 'Opening Night'.

When Simcoe comes around, we'll be ready to crank up the WOW factor!

Brian Hogan & Dave Burgess, Drum Majors