GM Minutes

September 24, 2007

Sunday September 23, 2007 was our Annual General Meeting. As part of this meeting votes were to be cast for two amendments to our Constitution and elections were to be held for the two contested positions on our Board.

After some discussion we learned that the corps plans on applying for a Trillium Grant and the Trillium Foundation prefers a larger board of directors. As a result of this discussion both of the proposed amendments to the constitution were withdrawn by the individuals who had suggested them.

Peter Burton and Ron Chong were elected by acclaim as 'Directors at Large'. Voting was held for the two contested positions. Len Perrin was re-elected as president and Henry Beben was elected as Secretary. There is still a vacant position on the board (Director At Large) since there were not enough candidates to run for all positions. The new board will review the constitution and decide a suitable method for filling this position. Our new Executive consists of:

  • Len Perrin, President
  • Bill Kane, Executive Vice President
  • Henry Beben, Secretary
  • Brian Byrne, Treasurer
  • Peter Burton, Director at Large
  • Ron Chong, Director at Large

Many thanks to the members of the previous Board for all of their work over the last year. Congratulations to Len Perrin and Henry Beben who were elected and many thanks to Carol Munro and Ric Brown who, while unsuccessful, expressed their willingness to serve and their commitment to the corps by choosing to run in these elections.