Update on new uniforms

November 20, 2006

On November 5th the Board created a committee to investigate and recommend a uniform. Henry Beben and Phil Hennings are the members of that committee. Their goal is to create the best possible uniform and do so at an affordable price.

In the two weeks since the committee was formed:

  • they have determined that there are eight potential manufacturers in southern Ontario
  • they have personally visited each of them
  • they have discovered that only two of them are capable of producing our uniform
  • they are awaiting cost estimates from these two companies

As a result of their research, they also decided to explore companies in the United States. So far

  • they have contacted three companies in the US
  • they plan to visit the largest manufacturer in the US by the end of November

When they have completed their investigation and have prices, they will submit their report to the Board.