The  Optimists  Alumni  Drum  &  Bugle  Corps

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

. . . March On!

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Boy Scout Logo        

Davenport Trumpet Band

The year that this snippet was recorded is unknown but it would in the early 1950s. Those were the days before Optimists, before drum corps, when there was just a Boy Scout troop and it's band.

Davenport Trumpet Band

Toronto Optimists Logo               

Toronto Optimists
1958 – 1975

1958 1958: Toronto Optimists' first contest on May 3, 1958 at the University Avenue Armouries in Toronto.
  1958: University Armories, Toronto, Ontario
  1958: East York Stadium, Toronto, Ontario (POCM)
1959 1959: Unknown location
  1959: Unknown location (submitted by Ed Law)
1960 1960: Unknown location
  1960: Preview of Champions (May 29, 1960, Jersey City, NJ)
  1960: in Guelph
1961 1961: September 9th, Seagram Stadium, Waterloo, Ontario
  1961: Unknown location (submitted by Ed Law)
1962 1962: September 7th, Seagram Stadium, Waterloo, Ontario
1963 1963: June 30th, Blue & Gold show, Mundelein, IL
1964 1964: unknown location, updated April 29, 2008
  1964: July 3rd, Boys of '76 contest, Racine, WI (POCM)
  1964: Recorded on Aug 22 in Titusville, PA (added January 13, 2012) (POCM)
  1964: Recorded at the Canadian Nationals on September 12 at Varsity Stadium (added January 13, 2012)
1965 1965: February 27th, Chicago Civic Opera House, Chicago, Il
  1965: August 28th, Pow Wow in Kingston, NY
  1965: September 11th, Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Ontario
1966 1966: Shriners' International, June 18th, 1966, CNE, Toronto, Ontario
  1966: September 10th, Molson Stadium, Montreal, PQ
1967 1967: Shriners' International, June 17th, 1966, CNE, Toronto, Ontario
  1967: August 29th, CYO Nationals, Boston, MA
  1967: September 9th, Ottawa, Ontario
  1967: National Champion Brass Quartet (POCM)
1968 1968: June 15th, Shriners' International, CNE, Toronto, Ontario
  1968: August 17th, North American Invitational (thanks to Brian Byrne)
  1968: September 7th, Canadian Nationals, Kingston, Ontario  (thanks to Eric McConachie)
1969 1969: Shriners' International, June 21st, 1969, Toronto
  1969: US Open (POCM), August 16th
1970 1970: North American Championship
1971 1971: Shriners' International, June 17th, 1971, Toronto
1972 1972: Studio Recording (about May, 1972)
  1972: Field Show (unknown location)
1973 1973: Oshkosh, WI.
1974 1974: Unknown location
  1974: Unknown location (added January 13, 2012)
1975 1975: Unknown location (POCM)
  1975: Unknown location (added January 13, 2012)
Seneca Optimists logo        

Seneca Optimists
1976 – 1978

1976 1976: World Open (POCM)
  1976: DCI 1976
1977 1977: DCI 1977
1978 1978: Canadian Nationals, York Stadium, August 26th, Toronto, Ontario
Optimists Alumni logo        

Optimists Alumni
2004 – present

2004 2004: Optimists Alumni at G.A.S. in Hamilton, ON (Optimists second public recording)
2005 2005: Optimists Alumni in Waterloo
2006 Sorry, but we don't have a recording for 2006
2007 2007: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Rochester, NY
2008 2008: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Rochester, NY
2009 2009: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Rochester, NY
2010 2010: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Rochester, NY
2011 2011: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Rochester, NY
2012 2012: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Annapolis, MD
2013 2013: Optimists Alumni in Oshawa
  2013: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Annapolis, MD
2014 2014: Optimists Alumni at DCA in Rochester, NY
2015 Sorry, but we don't have a recording for 2015
2016 2016: Optimists Alumni at Soundsport in Indianapolis, IN
2017  2017: Optimists Alumni in Guelph (only 4 numbers)
  2017: Optimists Alumni in South Korea (August 12, in Jeju)
I've received a number of re-mastered MP3 from the folks at Preserve Our Corps Memories (POCM). They were taking old Drum Corps recordings, cleaning them up as best they could, archiving them and offering them to the corps. They used to have a multitude of recordings for sale. Over the next while I'll be listening to these recording, adding recordings that they've supplied but we don't have and, probably, replacing older ones with the re-mastered versions.

I'm not sure what happened to them but the link to their website was no longer valid so I removed it.

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