The  Optimists  Alumni  Drum  &  Bugle  Corps

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

. . . March On!

Optimist Bantams

photo of the Bantam Optimists at Union Station in 1960

Optimist Bantams outside Union Station for the Optimists Convention (1960)

Crest of the Bantam Optimists

Optimist Bantams Crest

Former Bantams

In the early 1960s, many of the members of the Toronto Optimists came from the Bantam Optimists. Some of the Alumni corps members who were associated with the Optimist Bantams include: Bob Burman, Dave Harris, Dave Sims, Ed Hall, Emilio Russo, Gary Corbett, George Wright, John Whiting, Ron Walsh, Steve Cooper, Vern Johansson, as well as Doug, John and Rick Shearer. I think that there are others that have not been included. If you have any additional names, please send an email to the webminder (see below).

photo of the Optimist Bantams in 1962

The Optimists Bantams (Winter, 1962/63)


This Parade Corps is sponsored by The Optimist Club of Toronto Inc., as part of their Junior Boy’s Work Activities and are the feeder Corps for the Toronto Optimists Drum Corps.

Since their incorporation in 1959 the Bantams took a first at the Kiwanis Music Festival and in 1960 were the Junior Novice Standstill Champions. In 1962 they took the Junior Standstill Championships.

For parade bookings contact: Mr. Fred Johnson, at 87 Madelaine Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario. Phone OX. 9-7779. (taken from an old program from 1963)

At the end of 1963, the Toronto Optimists lost a large number of their members and there was a question about whether they would be able to compete. To keep the main corps going, in the Spring of 1964 the Bantams folded and many of their members joined the Toronto Optimists.