The  Optimists  Alumni  Drum  &  Bugle  Corps

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

. . . March On!

Hamilton Conqueror

Alumni Corps members Paul Blanchard and George A. Anthony marched with Hamilton Conqueror.


Hamilton Conqueror, 1964

Conqueror 1964

The corps was organized and founded during the month of October 1960. During the 1961 season we competed in the Junior "B" Class. The first season was one of frustration, climaxed by our forced withdrawal from the “Nationals” under threat of disqualification for the alleged use of ineligible horn players.

A winter of long hard practice enabled the Corps to emerge the leaders of a solid Junior . "B" class in 1962. The highlight of the season was the Corps’ Championships. The hard-luck spectre again appeared at Waterloo, as the Corps received a five point penalty for lateness on the starting line. The penalty left us in second place 0.2 points behind the victors. This was the only defeat of the season for the Corps.

Hamilton Conqueror, 1964

Conqueror 1964

The ensuing winter months were utilized to prepare the Corps for the big jump to the Junior "A" Class. After a slow start in early June the vitality of new instructors and renovations in the field show injected some life in the Corps and resulted in a strong run to the Nationals. The ghost of Waterloo still haunted the Corps however, as we beat the big rival, Scout House, but disappointingly far behind De La Salle and Optimists.

The present winter has been most productive to date and the Corps has willingly engaged in several big winter shows. Several numbers to be featured this season are Camelot (fanfare), The Gladiator, Swan Lake, and the popular Lawrence of Arabia. The tentative plans call for a field composed of 36 horns, 14 drums, 20 man guard, plus drum major.

Anyone wishing further information should contact our business manager. Mr. Al Wilson, 4095 Spruce Avenue, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

(taken from a 1964 contest program)