The  Optimists  Alumni  Drum  &  Bugle  Corps

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

. . . March On!

Danforth Tech

One of the roots of the Toronto Optimists can be found in the Danforth Tech Crusaders. Connections to Danforth include Barry Bell and Lorne Ferrazzutti, both of whom instructed Danforth, as well as Joe Gianna, who played with Danforth. All three of these guys are mow playing with the Optimists Alumni.

Danforth Tech at the CNE

The Crusaders are sponsored by the Danforth Technical School and the 330th Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

They are entering their second year of competition with a larger improved bugle line and a terrific drum line.

The music this year is a combination of military marches and old favourites set to fast moving drill maneuvers.

Danforth Tech at the CNE

This year the Corps is carrying 36 playing members plus a 6 man colour guard. The average age of the boys is 16 years. The musical director and drum major of the band is Barry Bell. Drum and trumpet instruction is under the direction of Lorne Ferrazzutti and Art Chappel respectively.

Business manager is Fred Johnson.

(This write up was taken from the program for a 1957 Opti-Corps Contest)

Both of these photos show Danforth at the CNE, in Toronto.