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Brass & Percussion Goodies

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Brass Studies, Hints & Other Cool Stuff

Here are some useful sites for brass players. Some offer downloadable or printable brass exercises and information. Have a look around and try some of the materials you find here. Your lip will thank you for it.

How to Read Music (Acrobat File)

Ricci Adams Online Music Theory

Trumpet Topics

  • A fabulous resource from Bryan Goff, a professor of trumpet at Florida State. This site is loaded with great ideas, practice hints, exercises, and other good stuff. It's well worth the visit

Trumpet Exercises

  • Good site - although designed for trumpet players, the exercises, tips and other information are valuable to all brass players

Tips for Trumpet, Trombone, percussion, etc (Texas School Music Project)

Lots of topics (by Clint Pops McLaughlin)

Trumpet Studio (a great resource site for all trumpet players)

Breathing but mostly Arnold Jacobs

The International Trumpet Guild

  • The International Trumpet Guild is a non-profit  organization, founded in 1974 to promote communications among trumpet  players around the world and to improve the artistic level of performance,  teaching, and literature associated with the trumpet. You'll find lots of info here.

Information, hints, etc from a variety of professional trumpet players

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Videos (Lessons for Trumpet and more)

Here are some useful video lessons relating to the trumpet. I've also included a few version of "La Virgen de la Macarena" that can be used for listening. The Mendez and Sandoval versions are very similar and can be used for a comparison. The others are there for fun.

Video lessons on Trumpet (from the The U.S. Army Field Band in Washington, DC)

Guidance from Jens Lindemann (Prof at UCLA, former member of the Canadian Brass)

Lessons from Warren Vaché (Prof at the Juilliard School in New York)

Lessons & Listening with Rafael Méndez

Brian Lynch (a professor of trumpet at New York University)

Barry Danielian

Listening Comparison: La Virgen de la Macarena

Videos of Various Trumpet Players (lots of videos, listed by name)

Benjamin Zander (conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra)

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Rudimental Studies & Other Cool Stuff

Here are some useful sites with downloadable or printable percussion information — much of it is not available from normal sources.

  • Mark Lewis' fabulous site with computer playable scores for both percussion and brass

  • All 40 Percussive Arts Society's essential rudiments and videos of each performed by Dr John Wooton.

  • The Flamtastic Drumputer site. You gotta give it a try.
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Special thanks to:

Bob Cook, Mark Lewis, Al Murray and Bill Ukas for the suggestions, warm ups, exercises and other resources.

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