Bill MacMillan



Toronto Optimists

Bill joined the Corps in 1966, during his last year of Junior eligibility from York Lions. "Nutsy" was only with us a short time, but he left a long memory behind. Bill always had a twinkle in his eye, and was a very accomplished merrymaker.

One story holds that he and Marcel Smolinski went to a party one Saturday night and there was much merrymaking. Marcel managed to snag a ride home but he'd left his motorcycle at Nutsy's with specific instructions not to attempt riding it.

Naturally, Nutsy ignored the instructions and early Sunday morning, Bill's neighbours were greeted with a full throttle wake-up call as Nutsy popped the clutch and went screeching into a tree. The motorcycle lost its front end and Nutsy almost lost an ear. Bill's life was short but filled with fun and he was honoured to capture a National title in his final year of Junior Corps.


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