Doug Shearer


February 22, 1986


Optimist Bantams, Toronto Optimists, Optimist Lancers

December 12, 1946 - February 22, 1986

Doug joined the Bantam Optimists in 1960 where he played the tenor drum from 1960 to 1963. He graduated to the "A" Corps in 1964 and promptly switched to the horn line, playing baritone.

The Shearers had a thing about nicknames, which their fellow Corps members didn't quite understand. There is John (Mansion) Shearer, Rick (Outhouse) Shearer, and then there was Doug (Barn) Shearer.

Doug is survived by his wife and daughter, and is greatly missed by the entire family.

He marched with the Toronto Optimists from 1964 through 1968 and then went on to be the Equipment manager of the Lancers from 1969 through 1972.


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