Gary "Chops" Czapinski



Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists & many others

In the 1970s Gary designed shows for the Toronto Optimists and the Seneca Optimists. The famous parachute of the 1977 Seneca Optimists was one of Gary's creations. The idea is said to have been inspired by Czapinski's walk through an elementary school one day where he saw students doing an exercise routine with a parachute coordinated to music. He will certainly be missed.

Gary worked with many units, among them were the
Norwood Park Imperials, Santa Clara Vanguards, Saginaires,
Madison Scouts, Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists and the Pioneer Corps. His creative show design skills, as well as his adjudication abilities have been well recognized. He earned the honor of becoming a member of the D.C.I. Hall of Fame, Class of 1999.

"RIP Gary "Chops" Czapinski. You played a very big part in our success and fame."

"He was a class act"

"A talented man,! He had the vision."

"Gary and Marie, as accomplished as they are in the drum corps world, always held a very special place in their hearts towards ALL of us Seneca Optimists members!!!"

"You were very special CHOPS!"

Gary "Chops"

...........We Remember!