Mike Tierney


December 8, 2008


Toronto Optimists

January 28, 1952 - December 8, 2008

Mike joined the Toronto Optimists when he was about 14, so probably around 1966. Sadly, he passed away from lung, liver and kidney cancer only 2 weeks after being diagnosed.

Mike played in rock bands for about 20 years, from ages 16 - 36 (which is probably why he left the drum corps). He was also a soundman as he toured with these bands on the road, all across Ontario. Mike's friends were mostly musicians and he loved to get together and jam with them whenever the opportunity arose. At his funeral several band members visited and played his flute, which was his passion. Musician friends played keyboard, organ and his flute at the service and then at the gravesite, one musician played Somewhere Over the Rainbow and another friend, Carlos played taps on his bugle as the procession was leaving the cemetery. Mike is interred in Memorial Gardens in Hamilton. (from Denise Tierney)


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