Vic Sciore Jr.



Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists

Vic's whole family was involved in the Optimists. His parents, Vic and Flo, ran Optimists' booster table while Vic and his sisters, Darlene and Laura, became fellow corps members.

Vic started off his drum corps career in the Optimist Cadets then moved to the Toronto Optimists. In 1976, when the Toronto Optimists and Seneca Princemen joined forces to form the Seneca Optimists, Vic was there.

"I met Vic when I came to Canada to "check out" this drum corps thing that I had first seen in 1976 in Philadelphia on the suggestion of Ron Restorff. I had virtually no drum corps background. I was a marching band guy. I came to Toronto on a whim and Vic Jr. and the entire Sciore family are a key part of my surviving this experience fondly. A lot can be said about a family who opens their home to a variety of strange teenage boys and ensures that they are safe, especially with 2 beautiful teenage daughters under the same roof. Knowing I had a safe home base made the experience special. Vic was a friend and mentor who's friendship I truly valued. Vic helped guide me through the practice routine and was a genuinely nice guy. We all have things we wish we would have done differently but I don't believe that my experience would have been nearly as satisfying had it not been for Vic Sciore Jr and family. The path in life we follow is often the result of random chance and all we can do is take advantage of each opportunity to its fullest. Vic helped me do that and I am forever thankful." - Kevin Kilcart

Vic was a great guy who will be missed by all who knew him.


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