Wayne Dean



Toronto Optimists

Wayne Dean was the kind of kid that made whatever group he was in better. He was one of those people that believed actions were more important than words. He was an example of the best in all of us. Quiet. Well-prepared. Confident. Helpful.

He came to the Optimists in 1965 from the Jungles of Leaside. He marched until 1969 and both in victory and defeat he was a consummate gentleman (although he would always gladly tell you exactly how he felt about the competition).

Wayne was part of the fabled Baritone Quartet which won numerous awards for performance excellence including the highest score ever awarded in the CDCA Individuals. This excellence was captured on the 1967 Championship recording of the Optimists.

Wayne became a successful businessman, husband, father and friend. He never ceased being completely proud of his accomplishments in the Green Machine.

If a drum corps was comprised of Wayne Dean clones it would be unstoppable. We remember Wayne because Wayne is quite simply, unforgettable.


...........We Remember!