The  Optimists  Alumni  Drum  &  Bugle  Corps

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

. . . March On!

Making My Family Happy

Submitted by: Ted Wilson


Sunday, November 24, 2002, alumni corps rehearsal

Morning Vern:

Just wanted you to know how absolutely delighted my wife and two dogs were to see me arrive home with my new contra bass Their excitement was further enhanced when I went to the basement the next night and began to practice my warmups. Chris was overjoyed to hear my somewhat fluttering high C overpower and drown out the mundane voices of her favourite TV show. The constant howling of my two English Springers, Spencer and Heidi, encouraged me to play on as I interpreted it to be howls of approval and encouragement from them. I am a little concerned about Humphrey the cat however as we have not seen him since I sounded my first note.

It is truly amazing how this alumni reunion thing not only brings back memories but how it also has a powerful effect on family life as well.