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Below is a list of collections of albums containing photos of the Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists, Optimists Alumni, and related organizations, including the days prior as boy scout bands, Danforth Tech, Western Tech, etc.

Wherever possible, collections include albums organized by year.




The Optimists had its beginnings in 1952 as a Scout band. It evolved into Opti-Corps and, then, into the Toronto Optimists. This section contains photos of the Scout Band, Opti-Corps and the Danforth Crusaders (many members from Danforth joined in the 1958 season).


This collection includes photos of the Toronto Optimists taken at performances (competitions, exhibitions, parades, etc.) arranged in albums for each year from 1958 through 1975 where possible.


This collection contains photos of the Seneca Optimists taken at performances (competitions, exhibitions, parades, etc.), arranged in albums for each year from 1976 through 1978 where possible.


Over the years the Optimists had a number of feeder corps: the Optimist Bantams, the Optimists Cadets, the Optimist Lancers and the Optimist Cadet Lancers. This collection includes albums for each of those feeder corps run by the Optimists.


Photos albums within the following collection begin around 2002 at the beginning of the Alumni corps to present. They then include an additional layer of albums organized by performance where possible. Some contain photos of other corps from the same venues.


The following collections of photos include a vast amount of photos of other Canadian and American drum corps, as well as memorabilia consisting of buttons, crests, etc..

The Don Daber collection celebrates the enormous visual contributions Don made to the drum corps society and specifically the Toronto Optimists.



Other Corps

Here you will find photos of corps that we were part of the 50s, 60s or 70s Drum Corps scene.


This is a 'catch-all' for things like old articles, Christmas cards, advertising, old Programs and anything that doesn't seem to fit elsewhere.

Don Daber

Don was involved with The Optimists from 1960 until his death in 2019. During that time he served as a photographer, the publicity director and the Corps Director. He was also the creator and editor of both Green Capsule Comments and Gold Capsule Comments. Don produced the artwork for a number of record albums as well as designing posters and doing the artwork for a variety of contests and programmes. Don's photos can be found in the various OPTIMISTS organizations collections of the PHOTO GALLERY.

Those who have gone

This collection contains photo memories of Toronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists and Optimists Alumni members and staff who have passed away. If we have a few shots for a particular individual, there is an album with their name. If we only have a single shot, the photo is included in the "We Remember" album. There are separate web pages for each individual, accessible from the "In Memory" page under the "News" menu at the top. Each page contains a photo and a few words about that member.

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