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1960: Optimists BIG Drum Line

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Apr. 10, 2006




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Bill Thorne asked for it: 'Any photos of the 6 man snare line of early 1960? Yes, 6 snares plus 3 tenors. I think we marched the big snare line at one exhibition at Woodstock, Ont. (sponsored by the Woodstock Imperials senior corps). The line was cut back to 3 and 3 for the first competition at Jersey city the next week and the 3 cut drummers carried Guidons (short flat pole-like pikes) if memory serves me.'

Terry Sweeney found it

from the cover of Off The Line Magazine, April 1960 (probably taken at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto)

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Exactly! Look carefully to the left and you can see the sign for the Carlton St. exit at Maple Leaf Gardens.

Bill Thorne

Mar. 14, 2012

Looks like the socks covering the shoes, for the Ice Capades event ?


Mar. 13, 2012

L-R: Glen Durish, Glenn Copp, Hector Roberts, Colin Hedworth, Carl Clutchey, Gord O'Halloran, Jim Reynolds, Bob Anderson, Bill Ukas, Brian Williams, Ronn Prokop and Harry Clark


Mar. 11, 2012

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