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First show with the new uniforms plus the new baritone horns (Rome, NY 1962)

Date Submitted:

May 30, 2006




55 of 87

Left to Right:
Dave Watt, Ron Cottrell, Mel Dey, Glen Durish, Rick Boehnke, Robin Weatherstone, Dick Ward, Al Lavigne, Bill Thorne

Photo by Don Daber, submitted by Mel Dey

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WJT is off the mark. Bill Thorne (and I) have it right! Nice suits!

Mel Dey

Jul. 12, 2006

Ward & Lavigne are interchanged in the caption.


May 30, 2006

The last three from right to left are me, Al Lavigne (miss him) and ? Ward. I remember Lorne F. calling roll call on the bus somewhere from an alphabetical list and saying 'Ward, Watt, wagon?' The wagon on the list, of course, referring to the next list of those in the station wagons.

Bill Thorne

May 30, 2006

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