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Toronto Optimists (1971)

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Jun. 6, 2006




74 of 177

Photo by Don Daber

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71 for sure. George Kopetski solo snare, Ray Skyvington, Randy Cochrane and'Section Sargent' John Bay(The FLY) on Tymp. Me, Steve Lee and Pat Irvine on Double Tenor featuring PEDRO on Cymbals

Jim Kane

Sep. 12, 2006

:oops: Sorry! your probable right. Viewing other photo,s i can see they are different from the ones i made.

Gord Parrott

Jul. 30, 2006

I think this photo was taken 2 or 3 yr,s later, i beleave i made those devices to carry the tymp,s . I was not involved in 1971

Gord parrott

Jul. 30, 2006

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