Toronto Optimists (1970)

Randy Cochrane is the one on the left with his back to the camera. Any more names?

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Looks like those two judges would forget which corps they were judging - ticking you guys like a clock and didn't have a chance to look up!

Brian Hogan

Norm Cardwell (Brown Jacket)Writing a book!

Jim Kane

Side Drums R to L Dennis May, Me, Dana Burrage, Doug Bass, Snares, Ken Bain Larry Blandford, Rick Roussell

Jim Kane

Almost right. You have Dennis and Brian(me) reversed

Brian Davidson

Side Drums (from right to left): ?, Jim Kane?, Dana Burrage, Doug Bass, Ken Baine, Rick Roussel, Larry Blandford, Ron Gault? (bass drum behind Larry), DM - Vern


Randy says: Cymbal Player to Randy's left ?, Randy Cochrane, Dennis Mori (facing camera), Brian Davidson (back to camera), John Baye (triple at right end), John Rood (cymbal to Baye's right), Doug Harrison (sideways bass drum)


On rifle, behind the hornline are me and Bernie Roelke - I think I'm on the left.

Brian Hogan

I think this is '70 - triple basses.

Brian Hogan

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