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Indoor Show (1961)

Photo by Don Daber

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continuation: switched to contra. I also played contra in Optimists for my last marching season in 1965. I returned to baritone briefly in 68 to play with Commanders for the late season when the corps added some 12 or so additional horns most of whom were former Optimists.

Bill Thorne

In60 and 61 we carried 3 bass baritones (played the 3rd part) The other 6 baritones (1st and 2nd parts) were the small baritones, Conns and some 'pig tailed ' Imperials by Whaley-Royce. I Started and always played a bass baritone, initially on 3rd, moving to 1st in 62. I know that Mel, and for that matter, Ron Cottrell, had played bass bari in both Royal Knights and Leaside Lions before joining Optimists, so I think that he too played bass in 60. On graduating to Commanders, or shortly thereafter, Mel (contd)

Bill Thorne

Nice to think that might be a possibility. An early season show in Rochester we used the old '60 bass heads, not likely we replaced bass heads for some other strange reason. Maybe it is the issue of just 'when ' did the horn line get those 'Baritones ' ? Ron Cotrell recalls getting NEW baritone horns for Rome , though!
Hey Bill, you mentioned ina previous photo of a street parade that the 'Bass Bari's' looked like you and Mel,true,,true,,true,,true,,true,,true,,true,,true,in can you believe it .......1960???? So there the mystery should end?


There is a mystery here. The uniforms say pre Rome 62, but the bass baritones say 62 season. This is an indoor show. Might there have been a fall/winter/ spring performance where Ivor played bass and we used the previous season's bass heads?

Bill Thorne

It is definitely '61, that is Ivor playing bass drum next to me, Dave Johns played basS in '62-'63. Also count the championship years on the bass head! 58 - 59 - 60.


I'm thinking 1962 by the 8 bass baritones on the right.

Bill Thorne

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Indoor Show (1961)