Oakland Crusaders Bass Drums (1977)

Photo by Doug Smith

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So here's how we got new heads. The water tower says Welland, next day we are in Indianapolis. Waiting for us, new Slingerland drums w/new heads. About half the weight too. Someone should tell Mark to play in the center of the head. And yes, that's 77. Will Knott=Dave?

sarnia sam

This is definately the '77 Bass Line...I marched in it and if you enlarge the pic you can see Sarnia Sam (Swartz)on the far end...The line was made up by Mark Blanford, Joan Butler, Jeff McKay, Dwayne Dumont (me) and John Swartz...don't think we got capes till later in the season

Dwayne Dumont

Na I think you are out of it...........that doesn't even look like a white drum...........and they are wearing plumes so it has to be 76 !! Ask Mark........or maybe Cook has an opinion ????or perhaps Swartz does......................

Will Knott

The photo was taken early in the 1977 season.

Doug Smith

yea....thats Mark and Joan for sure. After that it would depend on what year. I'm thinking it is 76 though......no tape on the sticks and one clear head and one white head are clues. oh and no cape !!! Definately 76

Will Knott

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