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Seneca Princemen (1975)

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Nov. 15, 2007




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Submitted by Linda Purgas

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those were the best days of my life too :)

Linda Purgas

Dec. 23, 2011

those were the best days of my life

Dawn Watters

Sep. 12, 2010

Oakland was there in 77 and 76. In 77 they came 2nd to us.

drew canning

Mar. 20, 2009

was after my time, but I thought when Oaklands joined DCI they stopped competing at the Nationals

Rod Patterson

Mar. 5, 2008

Not correct. It was Oakland Crusaders who won the last Nationals that the Toronto Optimists competed in. Princemen won in 1974 at the CNE.

Randy Cochrane

Feb. 8, 2008

I also beleive this was the last corps to beat the Optimist for the Canadian champion ship


Feb. 7, 2008

Thanks Linda for posting the only photo of the Princemen on the website so far. The red in the uniforms was even more vivid than this photo shows. The Princemen were one of the best dressed corps.

Doug Smith

Dec. 1, 2007

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