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Seneca Optimists (1977)

Does anyone remember anything about this show? The corps is in their t-shirts and it looks like they're carrying Seneca College flags as well as Toronto Argonaut flags. Presumably, it was at an Argo game.

Photo submitted by Mark Decloux

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I don't disagree that this picture is from 77 but the black plumes were first introduced with the 76 corp

Duncan Green

This is not the grey cup game, we did three of these in 77. The black plumes show that this was after the U.S. open as that was the last show we had white one. As for the t-shirts, we had wet tunics and went without to give them a chance to dry.

drew canning

I don't remember this, but 1977 was the only year that there was a bongo line (3 players on the right). I can't explain the white bass drum shell though (it should be black).


This picture may have been taken at half time during the 1976 Grey Cup held in Toronto. The game was between Ottawa & Sask. (I think I still have the flag from this11)


This is not the Seneca Princemen, it is the Seneca Optimists without their tunics. The cummerbund is a dead giveaway. Not to mention the timbalis.


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