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Canada Day Parades (2018)


We did two Canada Day parades on July 1, 2018. The first was in Caledonia and the second in Port Dover. These photos were taken on July 1st.

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Members of the Optimists Alumni (2018)


Most of these photos were taken on Sunday, May 13, 2018 in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Northstar Show (Waterloo, 2018)


These photos were taken on Sunday, May 13, 2018 at the Northstar show in Waterloo, Ontario.

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Oktobercorps (2018)


Oktobercorps is a one-event drum corps that has been created for 2018, the 50th anniversary of Kitchener-Waterloo's Oktoberfest. Corps members come from a variety of drum corps. There will be 3 sections: a marching unit, a Stage Band float and a Pit Percussion float. Members of the Optimists Alumni will be in both the marching contingent and the Stage Band. These photos were taken at the Oktobercorps rehearsals on May 12, September 9, October 6. Of course, photos will also be taken on parade day, October 8, 2018.

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Oktoberfest Parade (2018)


These photos were taken on Monday, October 8 in Kitchener-Waterloo at their 50th annual Oktoberfest/Thanksgiving parade. Optimists Alumni members did not perform as a group. Instead, some members were on the Oktobercorps Stage Band float while others joined the Oktobercorps marching contingent.

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Performance with Haeyneo (2018)


In 2017 we performed with the Haeyneo (women divers from Jeju Island in South Korea). In 2018 they were invited to Canada for the 50th annual Oktoberfest Parade in Kitchener-Waterloo. The Optimists Alumni organized a banquet for the Haenyeo for Sunday, October 7 (the day before the parade). Before the banquet guests were entertained by the Haeyneo, Northstar and the Optimists Alumni. This was followed by a special feature that included the Haenyeo, Northstar and the Optimists Alumni.

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Rehearsal shots (2018)


These shots were taken at rehearsals during 2018.

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Santa Claus Parades (2018)


These images were taken during the 2018 Santa Claus parades. We've lost one of our photographers so there are fewer images for this year's parades. Images of the Guelph parade were taken on Sunday, November 18 while the Etobicoke shots were taken on December 1.

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Soundsport (Indianapolis, 2018)


These images were taken while the Optimists Alumni were in Indianapolis, Indians. The performance shots were taken on Saturday, August 11, 2018

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SO-MAC Show (Hamilton, 2018)


These images were shot on April 28, 2018 at St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School in Hamilton during a show sponsored by the Southern-Ontario Marching Arts Collective (SO-MAC).

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St. Patrick's Day Parade (Toronto, 2018)


These photos were taken on March 11, 2018 at the Toronto St Pat's Day parade.

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Ventures' Colour Guard Show (Kitchener, 2018)


These images were taken on February 24, 2018 at Forest Heights Collegiate Institute, in Kitchener, during the Ventures' Colour Guard Show.

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Random files - 2018
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Some members of the percussion ensemble (Oktobercorps rehearsal, May 12, 2018)72 views
Bob and Rick, Optimists Alumni (Guelph Santa Parade, 2018) 41 views
Rick Lang (Indianapolis, 2018)30 views
Optimists Alumni (Welland, 2018)82 views
Jackie Nicholls, conductor (2018)37 views
Optimists Alumni (Haeyneo, October 7, 2018)28 views
Miss Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest mascot and Mrs Oktoberfest ? (Oktobercorps rehearsal, May 12, 2018)66 views

Last additions - 2018
Lorne Ferrazzutti, Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)32 viewsJan 27, 2019
Bob Carell, Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)34 viewsJan 27, 2019
Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)30 viewsJan 27, 2019
Liz Dodsworth, Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)25 viewsJan 27, 2019
Front to Back: Barry, Brian and Matt, Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)23 viewsJan 27, 2019
Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)24 viewsJan 27, 2019
Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)24 viewsJan 27, 2019
Keith entertaining the kids, Optimists Alumni (Etobicoke Santa Parade, 2018)26 viewsJan 27, 2019