The  Optimists  Alumni  Drum  &  Bugle  Corps

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Early Rehearsal Reports & More

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1 Vern Johansson's "A Beautiful Noise" -- observations on the first rehearsal of the Optimists Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps.
2 Ted Wilson's "Making My Family Happy" and "Up From The Basement" -- a former first soprano player now reincarnated as a contra bass player comments on the aftermath of the second rehearsal.
3 Ted Wilson, contra bass keen machine, recounts more adventures in the art of carrying around a huge pile of musical metal in "Up From The Basement -- Volume Two".
4 Ted Wilson waxes enthusiastic over the return of Paul Thompson on contra and the overall improvement of the alumni corps in "Up From The Basement -- Volume Three".
5 Brass instructor Kevin Matthew adds his comments on the progress of the alumni corps in Common Goals and Greatness.
6 Newly-returned tenor drummer Gord Lefevre emails in his delightful Sucked In Like A May Fly -- an entertaining and inspirational account of his return to the corps.
7 Tenor drummer Gord Lefevre writes about our mini-camp weekend in We're A Drum Corps -- another of his entertaining musings on the corps and its progress.
8 Ted Wilson adds his spirited two cents on the mini-camp weekend in Notes From The Back Of The Pickup Truck.
9 Gord Lefevre adds to his growing inspirational writings in Post-GAS Ponderings -- reflections on the May 1, 2004, GAS performance in Hamilton, Ontario.
10 Another entertaining word romp from tenor drummer Gord Lefevre with I Love A Parade -- thoughts on the July 1st Canada Day Parade in Cambridge, Ontario
11 Gord Lefevre shares his thoughts about our last in-door show in Waterford Show Ponderings.
12 Brian Hogan provides educational and thought-provoking comments on Corps songs in More Than Just a Song.
13 Brian Hogan pays tribute to Ben Burrage of the Toronto Optimists in Tribute To a Humble Genius. This article also was featured on DCI's website under the "FANFARE" section under Michael Boo's byline.
14 Bill Kane pens a few initial impressions on the Alumni corps first tentative steps into M&M in The Thrill of Drill.
15 Phil Henning provides historical background for one of the Optimists' beautiful flags in The Strange Case of the City of Toronto Flag.
16 Phil Hennings sends in an interesting article on the fledgling Optimists in Opti-Corps 1 (from a 1957 Lions Show programme).
17 Phil Hennings sends in an interesting article on the fledgling Optimists in Opti-Corps 2 (from a 1957 Optimists Show programme).