The  Optimists  Alumni  Drum  &  Bugle  Corps

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

. . . March On!

Toronto Signals

Members of Toronto Signals

Over the years, some members of the Toronto Signals have joined the Optimists Alumni. Many of them started, in their junior days, as Optimists and have now returned to their roots. Some of them still play in both corps. Alumni of the Toronto Signals include: Al Hester, Barry Bell, Bill Kellas, Bogo Avsec, Brian Collingdon, Gord O'Halloran, John Petti, Ron Chong, and Vern Reid.

Toronto Signals (Waterloo, 2006)

Toronto Signals (Waterloo, 2006)

The Toronto Signals Band is a unique organization. They perform for audiences throughout Canada and the United States, in events such as parades, concerts, tattoos and drum corps shows.

Although they are associated with the 709 Communications Regiment of the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve, they are not part of the military; however, they perform as their Duty Band on a volunteer basis.

Since the Corps inception, they have won more than 350 awards and have truly been acclaimed ‘Canada’s Marching Ambassadors’.

In 1999, the Band welcomed women to join the ranks. Today, they make up 20 percent of the membership and have been a great asset to keeping the Signals’ history and traditions alive. Over the years, many bonds and friendships have been established with those who have come to know the ‘Sigs’ and will continue in the future.

(adapted from the Toronto Signals Website)