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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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We Remember

We remember former corps members and staff
of theToronto Optimists, Seneca Optimists and
Optimists Alumni who have passed away.

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The "We Remember" Acrobat file is a work-in-progress and will be updated periodically. Names marked with an asterisk are missing either a photo, a write-up or both. If anyone has additions, corrections, information, photos, memories, etc., especially regarding those for whom we have only a name, please email them to Bob Carell (toronto_optimist at

As people supply additional information, corrections and additions will be made.

This information was last updated on June 7, 2019

There are entries for the following individuals.
If you see an asterisk (*) before a name it means that
we'd like more information (either a photo or words) for that person.

Mr. Al Baggs
Al Lathan
Al Lavigne
Al Miller
Al Morrison
Al Punkari
Al Tierney
Andy Henderson
Ben Burrage
Bernie Beer
Bernie Thompson
Bill Jay
Bill MacMillan
Bill Ukas
Bob Brown
Bob Cook
Bogo Avsec
Brian Byrne
Carol Munro
Clare Reid
Clayton Keat
Colin Hedworth
Dave Barrett
Dave Byrne
Dave Hanks
*Dave Parker
Dave Watt
Dennis Roussel
Derek Branton
Diane Tenaglia
Dick Brown
Don Daber
Don Chisolm
Doug Harrison
Doug McPhail
Doug Shearer
Ed Hall
Evert Botterweg
Frank Rivier
Fred Johnson
Fred Lombard
Fred Shearer
Gary "Chops" Czapinski
Gary Corbett
Gene Chepswick
George Wright
Gerrie Leebody
Glenn Copp
Gord Angus
Gord Robinson
Guy Vezina
Harry Prokop
Henry Beben
Ian Robertson
Jim Dwyer
Jim Taylor
John Diamond
John Kernahan
John Konstantinou
Karl Bossert
Larry Cheevers
Len Perrin
Marty McVeigh
Mike Andrews
Mike Layton
Mike Tierney
Paul Thompson
Penny Tudhope Cassady
Peter Coward
Ray Roussel
Réal Garneau
Rick Robida
Rick Roussel
Roman Perohanycz
Ron Chong
Ron Cook
Ron Gault
Ronn "Skip" Prokop
Ross Colville
Sam Grosvenor
Sandy Stoklosa (Douglas)
Scott Cumming
Ted Key
Ted Shaw
Tim Burrage
Tim Roussel
Tim Watt
Vic Sciore Jr.
Vic Sciore Sr.
Warren Mills
Wayne Dean
Wendy Paquin
Wilson Chung
Wolfgang Petschke

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