Drum Majors and Other New Members

December 18, 2006

  • This year we have three candidates for the position of Drum Major: Bob Cunningham, Brian Hogan and Dave Burgess.
  • Barry Bell knows Bob so you can get the scoop from Barry
  • Brian currently plays Baritone in the Alumni Corps
  • Dave, who's already been out to a few rehearsals, is a former Drum Major of the Optimist Lancers
  • Nils Winters will be playing Quints with Gaelen
  • Judy Davidson (Jan Forsythe's sister) and Leo Thompson (Paul Thompson's brother and a former Contra player from the 70's) are volunteers who have already started to assist the corps
  • The Alumni Corps extends a big WELCOME! to Bob, Dave, Nils, Judy and Leo
  • and Ted Wilson has moved back to Contra from Alto!