Below are two very personal accounts of the Toronto Optimists and Seneca Optimists. These remarkable documentaries will take time to read, but are worth the endeavour.

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"From  Toronto...  The  Optimists!"
A Story of The Toronto Optimists Drum & Bugle Corps by Colin Hedworth

Many years ago Colin Hedworth, in collaboration with Don Daber, wrote a History of the Toronto Optimists, and later adding the Seneca Optimists from its inception in 1976 through 1979. Thanks to Bob Carell, this digital version was created, footnotes added, and photos added.

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The History of the Toronto Optimists by Vern Johansson

Vern Johansson was a prominent figure throughout the history of the Optimists. His legacy within the Optimists organizations is one that has left everyone who has known him or even briefly met him with a long-lasting impression of one of the kindest hearts who had a wonderful ability to make you laugh about nearly anything.

In this documentary, Vern takes us on a journey of his beloved organization as it unfolded through his eyes.